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    Re: Vick confirmed to sign with Eagles

    Vick has apparently surprised and impressed people in training with the Eagles, with people saying that his grasp of the offense is fantastic.

    Its the best situation for him. The HC is good, the organisation as a whole is solid, and he isnt going to be pushed to start because despite what people think McNabb is a good QB.

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    Re: Vick confirmed to sign with Eagles

    the nfc east is the hardest division in football and the eagle did a good move, vick claims to be fit and in great shape and the eagles have great weapons in westbrook and desean jackson so it helps there team alot. hide your BEAGLE vick is an EAGLE!

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    Re: Vick confirmed to sign with Eagles

    Quote Originally Posted by rob6465 View Post
    I understand. I think alot has to do with how you feel about the crime. I own 2 dogs and have no love for anyone that would hurt my dogs. I'm sorry but care about my dogs more than some family members, that just me. Some people have no problem with drink and drive, i lost a fiancee to a drunk driver in 1996. I have no pitty for anyone that drinks and drive. That's me.
    Everyone deserves a second chance. I own a basset hound, yet I can understand how Vick could slip into that mistake having seen the same things going on down here. Come to Alabama and I can get you to a dog fight in about ten to fifteen minutes depending on where we are.

    My older brother was killed by a drunk driver when I was young. Still remember my mother crying herself to sleep every night after my father left. I have no respect for anyone willing to get behind the wheel of a car after drinking.

    But on both counts I'm willing to give a second chance. Everyone makes mistakes, sometimes the consequences are much worse than others. But as long as you can learn from it, grow, and not repeat the same mistakes; then I'm willing to give anyone a chance.

    In life everyone has to ask for a second chance at one point or another.

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    Re: Vick confirmed to sign with Eagles

    Quote Originally Posted by UtterBlitz View Post

    Forgiveness is a difficult thing. Sometimes good can come out of bad situations.

    I never in a million years thought I would say this... but I do hope Vick can recover from this.. Not for Vick but for what it would mean on a grander scale. Animal cruelty is on a very few things than can bring out violence in me.. towards the people i mean, and I do realize the irony.. However I just think Vick actually has a chance to right his wrongs and This last time with the egles confrence Vicks physical responces matched what he was saying.. So I hope like godell and reid and Dungy.. He makes good on what he says he will do

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