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    Vikings | Williams wants to play elsewhere

    Vikings | Williams wants to play elsewhere
    Thu, 23 Feb 2006 18:35:51 -0800

    The Star Tribune reports Minnesota Vikings CB Brian Williams does not want to return to Minnesota, according to his agent, and he would be unhappy if the Vikings hold him back. "(Williams) would like to move on," agent Jordan Feagan said Thursday morning, Feb. 23. "He's expressed to them that he would rather not go back." Williams and Feagan were both surprised the team put the transition designation on Williams.

    Should we make a push for him Nick?

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    Re: Vikings | Williams wants to play elsewhere

    If I remember correctly, he did a pretty good job replacing Fred Smoot in the starting line-up for the Vikings this year. I also believe he has some experience at safety as well. He's a guy I'd definitely want the team to look at, because I think he could come in and compete for a starting job opposite Butler right from the get go.

    Only problem is, when a team puts a transition tag on a player, it makes contract negotiations pretty tough. Often times you'll see a team offer a transitioned player a front-loaded contract, especially if the team who tagged the player is short on cap room. I'm not sure the Rams have the kind of cap space that would allow them to really do that, and I think the Vikings may match any reasonable deal the Rams offer up. So it's kind of a tough spot.

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    Re: Vikings | Williams wants to play elsewhere

    brian williams is a great cover corner that i would like to see come and play for the rams...


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