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    Re: Voluntary or Mandatory

    Well Av, I won't blame him for Romo muffing a perfect snap in Seattle that if he got the hold right would have won the game for the Cowboys would you?

    It's a team sport. Warner didn't win the Rams the Super Bowl or he didn't lose it. Owens isn't totally to blame for the Cowboys woes.

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    Re: Voluntary or Mandatory

    Its not a question of who's to blame. Its a question of earning the right to act like a big shot. T.O. compiled some good stats, but overall he's never won anything of consequence. That should count for something.

    If Jerry Rice, upon being signed by the Raiders, announced that he didn't wish to attend a voluntary workout, it wouldn't be a story. T.O. is no Jerry Rice.

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    Re: Voluntary or Mandatory

    No, T.O. is not Jerry Rice. But Jerry Rice also had quarterbacks like Joe Montana and Steve Young (In their prime). All T.O. has had was McNabb (who may or may not be deemable as a "good QB") and Romo who is not to the top of his game, and is still very accident prone. Not to mention he likes to checkdown, and the Cowboys were a running attack team with a complemenatary passing game, as opposed to what Rice had all his career.

    Not to take away anything from Rice, but they were never in the same situation, except for a few years in San Fran when Rice was at his peak, and Owens was still developmental until Young was basically the incumbent. (Jeff Garcia took over in '99, and Owens first light was during the '97 season when Rice suffered a torn ACL. Rice returned to his starting elite status thereafter and Owens was pushed back into his secondary receiver role.)

    Different situations, and you can only argue career production at this point. It is always an argument over who is better and not better. Same with basketball and Lebron / Jordan. You can think one, I can think the other, but no one will ever have a definite answer.

    During Owens entire career, Rice never won anything of consequence either, with the 9ers or the Raiders, and he was the starting star receiver. Hrmm, maybe Owens has never had a Super-Bowl caliber team?

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