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    The wait is over! Brett Favre has told the Jets he's going to retire!

    Brett Favre tells Jets he's going to retire; Jets plotting new QB strategy
    By Rich Cimini
    Updated Wednesday, February 11th 2009, 11:27 AM

    It's official: Brett Favre has informed the Jets that he's retiring after only one season with the team, a source close to the team told the Daily News.

    The news didn't shock the Jets, who have been preparing for the post-Favre era as soon as the disappointing season ended. The day after the season, Favre informed GM Mike Tannenbaum that he was leaning heavily toward retiring.

    Since then, team officials have been guarded in their comments on Favre, saying they'd welcome his return but never pleading or showing much optimism. It's because they knew it would turn out like this.

    The Jets had hoped to get a decision by next week's scouting combine, but Favre actually delivered an early verdict for the first time in his career.

    The future Hall of Fame quarterback told his agent to alert the Jets Wednesday of his decision, ESPN reported Wednesday morning. By mid-morning, the Jets had received the news and were preparing a statement.

    A noon conference call with Tannenbaum and owner Woody Johnson is scheduled.

    In the e-mail to ESPN, Favre thanks Tannenbaum, Johnson and fired coach Eric Mangini. Interestingly, he also mentioned Thomas Jones and Kerry Rhodes, who were somewhat critical of him after the season.

    "Mike and Woody, as well as the entire organization, have been nothing short of outstanding," Favre said in the email. "My teammates - Thomas and Kerry included - were a pleasure to play with. Eric could not have been any better. I enjoyed playing for him. My time with the Jets was short, but I'm honored to be given that chance."

    The key question is, what now?

    The Jets have three quarterbacks on the roster, none of whom have played a full season - Kellen Clemens, Brett Ratliff and Erik Ainge. Clemens is the only one with NFL experience; he started eight games in 2007. Chances are, the Jets will sign a free agent or acquire a veteran in a trade because they still have questions about Clemens. The front office is high on Ratliff, a pre-season standout last summer, but he's very raw.

    The top free agents are Kurt Warner (Cards), Kerry Collins (Titans) and Matt Cassel (Patriots), but Warner and Collins are expected to re-sign with their current teams and Cassel has the franchise tag.

    The lower tier of free agents includes Byron Leftwich (Steelers) and Jeff Garcia (Bucs).

    In the trade market, the top target is the Browns' Derek Anderson, who could be dealt by Mangini. Anderson is due to received a $5 million roster bonus by March 15, so a deal would have to be completed by then.

    Favre, 39, played only one season with the Jets, finishing with 22 touchdowns and a league-high 22 interceptions while leading them to a 9-7 record. He collapsed down the stretch, with two touchdowns and nine interceptions in the last five games - the major reason why the Jets finished out 1-4. It cost Mangini his job.

    The question is, will Favre stay retired? He famously changed his mind last year, but he no longer was wanted by the Packers, where he played for 16 years. A bitter divorce resulted in the blockbuster trade to the Jets, who surrendered a third-round pick.

    Never say never with Favre. In a conversation with the Jets, his agent, Bus Cook, asked the team about the possibility of releasing Favre, ESPN reported. The team declined, the report said. Requesting for his release could be an indication that Favre wants to keep his options open. He's rumored to be interested in the Vikings.

    Favre's retirement will create $13 million in salary-cap room for the Jets.

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    Re: The wait is over! Brett Favre has told the Jets he's going to retire!

    Hmm, how long until someone suggests "trade Bulger"?

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    Re: The wait is over! Brett Favre has told the Jets he's going to retire!

    So wait.... if Favre announces his retirement in February, does that mean six more weeks of winter, or six fewer weeks?

    I always get that one mixed up.

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    Re: The wait is over! Brett Favre has told the Jets he's going to retire!

    I think it is written that if Favre shed tears at his announcement it means six more weeks, and if he didn't shed a tear it means spring is on the way.
    Last year he cried, which is why it was a colder winter than normal.

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    Re: The wait is over! Brett Favre has told the Jets he's going to retire!


    I lost respect for him coming back last year.

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    Re: The wait is over! Brett Favre has told the Jets he's going to retire!

    I'll believe it when the season starts, but I hope that this is finally it. Someplace on a bus Madden weeps and is frantically searching for new material for his Sunday night broadcasts...

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    Re: The wait is over! Brett Favre has told the Jets he's going to retire!

    Okay I belive YOU??
    Farve doesn't know what he wants!

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