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    Re: Warner say's he starts or retires

    The Redskins already have enough money invested in a veteran quarterback. I don't see them bringing in another.

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    Re: Warner say's he starts or retires

    It's just too hard to say which team he might get a shot with next year. I happen to think the Cardinals are as good a bet as any at this point. Denny Green is hard for me to figure out but his word is obviously not written in stone. Didn't he swear allegiance to Josh McCown before the season started? I always had a feeling that that was just fluff talk to try and reassure McCown.

    As far as Green only wanting mobile qb's that may be his preference but not an unbreakable rule. Jeff George and Brad Johnson are hardly mobile and they both put up good seasons for the Vikings back in the day. I still don't know why they had such a carousel at qb. They went from Johnson to George to Cunningham to Culpepper with Freotte thrown in for good measure. They all put up good numbers so I just don't know why all the switching.

    Back to the Cardinals possibility, I think Warner would have a pretty decent shot of beating out anyone on their roster right now if he was allowed to compete for the job(actually, if he couldn't beat out the McCown, King, Navarre trio he should retire anyway) as well as Arizona being in a warm climate. The NFC West competition and subsequent storylines involved would be good for the entire division as well as having Emmitt and Warner on the same team to draw fans to the games.

    Chicago just doesn't feel right and are too much of a mess as well as being in a tough division.

    Dallas already had a chance at him and really don't have any reason to bring in another aged vet to compete with Vinny.

    Seattle intrigues me but I'm not sure Holmgren will make it through the season and it's too hard to peg what a team's going to do when major changes are possibly on the horizon. Not to mention they have a capable Dilfer who already knows the playbook.

    Miami's another doubtful situation to me. They will most likely look for a qb in the offseason even though they invested fairly heavily in AJ. Miami will have it's hands full trying to find a rb as well as the money it will take to lure one to Miami and it's horrid line and I don't know if Warner will risk joining another team that will get him killed in the pocket. They've already lost Feeley, Fiedler and Rosenfels to injury this year and add that to the fact that they play in the toughest division in football I don't see it being a good fit for Warner to have the immediate team success he's probably looking for.

    Detroit is another intriguing possibility that has it's connections that make sense. Warner's still a very accurate qb and the west coast offense in Detroit would suit his strengths very well. Joey's been struggling with consistency and may start losing more playing time to McMahon. Mariucci briefly coached Warner when he was with Green Bay(I think) so a small connection exists there as well as Mooch's familiarity of Warner from his SF days. With Az, Williams and that other porcelain WR there is some real potential on the Lions team. This might be a dark horse selection for Warner.

    Cleveland. Nah. There's just nothing there. Garcia's pretty tied up with his contract and they'll have a new coach plus no connections that I can think of.

    Baltimore is a situation that I think would be ideal for Warner. I actually wanted him to go there this year instead of the Giants(or anywhere else). Billick is (supposedly) a qb friendly coach, the Ravens rely on defense and running the ball to carry them and they play in a winnable division. I thought the fit was perfect but apparently they're in love with Kyle Boller. I haven't seen Boller play very much but his stats don't show that he's ever done anything. Anthony Wright, who couldn't beat out Quincy Carter or any of the other "never-was's" put up really good numbers when he subbed for Kyle when he was injured. So, Baltimore makes a lot of sense to me but when a front office or coach or both are dead set on proving that they drafted the right guy it's hard to replace him.

    So, my three picks, if I had to guess right now would be 1. Arizona 2. Detroit and a distant 3. Baltimore

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    Re: Warner say's he starts or retires

    If Warner does "retire," I would not be surprised if his name starts popping up during the 2005 season as teams inevitably lose their starters to injury and need an emergency replacement. Truth is, that could be an ideal situation for him.

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    Re: Warner say's he starts or retires

    What did he expect going there? He's easily still an NFL QB and all the teams listed would benefit from him. There are plenty of teams with horrible QB's right now.

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    Re: Warner say's he starts or retires

    Quote Originally Posted by lakerams
    I still think Washington might be a possibility if Gibbs isn't sold on Ramsey.

    as for the Giants, I think the switch was premature. that first game Eli started against Atlanta was a winnable game for the Gaints. if they won, they would be 6-4 and 6-5 after losing to the Eagles. they would still be in the playoff hunt.

    now, it's all about next year for the Giants.

    Your first comment is right on the mark.

    However, it was Manning's mobility that kept the 'ants in the game vs. atl, besides their defense. You do not hear of any grumblings from his teamates that he is not starting ... and he would not have done any better vs. TO and the Eagles; afterall most 'round here conveniently forget he was benched in the first game vs the beagles and Barber scored a TD after Manning handed it off in his first down in the NFL, not too important but HE/manning is the investment ... so maybe a benching at 5-4 with most of his victories and losses against sleazebags, is better for him to possibly start elsewhere than 5-6, which gives him something to build on at least for his ego.

    Maybe there ol looks better because Manning is somewhat mobile in comparison but Barber has gained over 100 yds in each game with eli but vs. the eagles it was meaningless. eli was sacked 5 times so one would only imagine it to have been worse for kw :disappoin

    The skins or maybe seattle if hassleback goes and the walrus stays. Holmie has been known to help out a gunslinger's career and it could be ideal for KW if the receivers in c-attle can actually catch the ball :redface:

    Good luck KW, you are due for something positive!
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