This really isn't to rekindle anything, but it is something that caught me by surprise. I've been in an argument about Michael Vick with someone on a different board and the conversation turned to "Vick doesn't have any wr's". Well, offers a stat on "poor throws" by a qb. Not deflected, not dropped, just all on the qb throwing a stinker.

Anyway, I was looking at where all the qb's in the league were rated for comparison and Bulger and Warner were about the same last year(12.5 to 12.9). Pretty much throughout their last four years they've been in the 11 to 14 range. Which is pretty good or near the top of the league depending on the year.

2002 is the year that really caught my attention though. I didn't look at every qb from every year(they don't have it listed as a top to bottom graph, you have to open the team stat's then open the player stat's to get to the number which starts to take a while) but 11.0% is about as low as any full time starter get's. In 2002, Bulger was stellar at 11.2%(by comparison, that would have led the NFL this year (Simms 11.5%, Palmer 11.6%).

But then it got really interesting. As much as I've always been hesitant to look at the "beginning of the end" of Warner's Rams career which pretty much started in 2002, I can't believe where his number was that year. Through the broken bones and losses and interceptions and all the other fun stuff that happened in 2002, his "poor throws" pct. was 7.7%! This probably doesn't mean much to those who could care less about stat's or are unfamiliar with this particular one, but that's an astounding number. On it's own it impressive, but when added to the dismal year he had it's just plain confounding. To be that accurate with his throws and have so many bad things happen is perplexing. Of course, his pct. of dropped passes was at 5.9% which was almost double than what most qb's have to deal with so that may be part of it.

Anyway, just thought I would share that with those who enjoy little useless nuggets of trivia. Hey, maybe I could get a job at ESPN. LOL.