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    What's with all of these bogus roughing the passer calls?

    The NFL is losing it's mind with their obsession over protecting the QB. The latest example was the MNF game last night, which may have cost the Packers the game. A couple of weeks ago Seattle was on the other end of a horrible call, when the defender launched at the QB, and never even hit him, but yet was called with roughing the passer. And then there was the case of the Giants defender letting Vince Young go from a sure sack, because he didn't want to be called for a roughing the passer penalty like he was a couple of weeks ago.

    This is becoming more than just a few isolated incidents, it's becoming a trend. At this rate, they may as well make the sack illegal and bar anyone from touching the QB.

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    Re: What's with all of these bogus roughing the passer calls?

    I understand the need to protect the "face" of your franchise, but this over-protection has gone too far. Not all quarterbacks are fragile pocket passers anymore. Some QBs are bigger, stronger and even faster than some blitzers. I have seen to many "weak" roughing the passer calls this year. In addition, as you mentioned and as witnessed on numerous highlights, too many defensive guys let up too soon to avoid what they think will be a penalty. Then the QB runs or passes for a big gain. It is becoming unfair to the defense. I do not want to go back to the old in the grasp rule. However, we need something better than this over-protection crap that is taking place right now. I think that common sense needs to be used in each case. I think that even the casual fan can tell a good sack or tackle from a roughing call.

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    Re: What's with all of these bogus roughing the passer calls?

    Maybe it should be handled like the face mask penalty? 5 or 15 yards based on the severity of the foul.:r


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