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    What's up with dissing kickers? lol

    Has anyone else noticed how EVERYONE disses the kicker? Schlereth constantly rags on kickers, and Michael Irvin just ragged on Josh Brown for taking his helmet off after kicking a 50 YARD FIELD GOAL to beat Dallas. C'mon, he hit one from 58 earlier in that game. That's pretty fricking impressive, even if he is a kicker.

    See, to me, the kicker may have the most pressure packed job on the team. Think about it, you only get maybe two, three chances a game which amounts to about 5 seconds total. That 5 seconds a majority of the time decides the game. Ask Cortez of Dallas who shanked a 29 yarder earlier in the same game. See, if Keyshawn drops a ball in the end zone in let's say the second quarter....he probably has a good opportunity to catch a ball on the next play (unless the first one was either third down and kick or a 4th down choke job). The kicker may not get another shot.

    However, what is funnier than watching a kicker tackle? Wilkins of the Rams may be the best kicker/tackler in the NFL. Everyone knows he had lots of practice at it. But what about the guys with the one bar? Those guys don't have a prayer to even tackle a beer after the game.

    Anyway, it's funny how the inside joke of all football teams is the kicker.....but if he misses a chip shot at the end of the game to lose it......he's in that thing that starts with OUT and ends in HOUSE.

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    Re: What's up with dissing kickers? lol

    Irvin was ragging on him because his kick beat the Cowboys.


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