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    Where in the hell

    I want to know how Seattle is signing all these free agents AND have a 7 million dollar franchise tag on a running back.

    Check out some of these signings this spring:
    Walter Jones
    Joe Jurevicius
    Bryce Fisher
    Jamie Sharper
    Kelly Herndon
    Robbie Tobeck

    To me this is getting out of had and I want to know who is watching their cap numbers.

    I sure hope they are at least selling the farm at a championship today.

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    Re: Where in the hell

    I'm curious myself, but they've also had their share of losses:
    Heath Evans, Ken Lucas, Brandon Mitchell, Chike Okeafor, Jerry Rice, Damien Robinson, Anthony Simmons, Orlando Huff, Trent Dilfer, Chad Brown, & possibly Bobby Taylor.
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    Re: Where in the hell

    Start with cap relief that they must have gotten on the walter jones signing. I think hubison is correct. they lost guys as well and are signing guys at better cap numbers, which is not to say that some of these signing bonuses wont bite them in the butt later, but they are clearly trying to win now.

    I will be very please if alexander either holds out or is traded. I think he is a huge key for them

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    Re: Where in the hell

    I don't see Alexander holding out, he doesn't seem like that kind of guy, maybe he might miss some of the offseason "voluntary" workouts. Yeah they did lose some people, but not of the caliber they are signing. I don't worry about their signings too much for the cap because the more you spend in one area, the less you spend in others. i'm sure they'll be very close when they sign their rookies. the walter jones signing was huge for them.


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