This from NBC Sports regarding the new book by Terrell Owens...

"When you’re four years old, nothing is your fault. If all the cookies disappear from the cookie jar and your face is smeared with chocolate chips and your clothes are coated in crumbs, you’ll still insist you have no idea what happened to the cookies.

In certain situations, some people never get over the idea that in certain situations, they are never to blame for anything that goes wrong.

Driving is one. We all know someone who never has had an auto accident that is his fault. He can drive into a brick wall and insist it leaped in front of his car. Technology is another. Most of us have done something really dumb that led to the loss of precious documents — like hitting the “no” option when the dialogue box asks if we want to save the changes — and yet we’ll swear on a stack of hard drives that we did nothing wrong.

Nearly everyone has one or more such situational blind spots when it comes to accepting blame. The true adult crybaby is the one who remains at 30 as he was at four: unwilling to accept the blame for anything.

One of the most impressive of this breed is professional whiner and multiple WOW dishonoree Terrell Owens. Somehow, Owens has managed to get two books published in two years, which is probably two more books than he’s actually read during that time. The first was devoted to the wonderfulness of himself. The second, coming out this week, is called T.O. and is devoted to the awfulness of everyone around him.

Owens willingly signed a contract — against the advice of the players’ association — that he later decided didn’t reward him sufficiently. It wasn’t his fault. His team lost the Super Bowl. It wasn’t his fault. He told his coach to shut up. Not his fault. All of Philadelphia came to hate him. Again, he can’t figure out why.

The book comes out just in time for the media to pester both his old teammates in Philly and his new ones in Dallas. You know if the attention proves to be a disruption, it won’t be T.O.’s fault, but the fault of the writers who are impertinent enough to ask how people who are trashed in his book feel about it.

Owens is in his good behavior mode in Dallas. He may stick with it for the entire season. But if the Cowboys don’t win the Super Bowl, you can bet it will be somebody else’s fault. You can also bet he’ll write another book about it."

Man I hope this book bombs big time...