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    Why Archy is in my dog house

    Not that he really cares, but he should, that is, if he is a real team player. Here is why Archy is in my dog house, it's simple; In 2000 season, Kurt Warner, making the NFL minimum led the rams to a 16-3 mark, while leading the team to a super bowl victory and being named MVP of the Super Bowl and also went to the Pro Bowl. His agent the next year strongly advises him not to go to camp cause his contract is not settled. Warner goes anyway, putting personal things aside in exchange for being the team player that he is. He finally get's fed up with his agent and tells him, "Finish It, I don't care."

    Archy, who has proved nothing, never even put on an NFL Helmit in his life signs and regardless of the example the team leaders set, he holds out and has a miserable pre-season while blowing coverage time and time again. Maybe another fan wouldn't care, but being the rams fan that I am, I do.

    Republican Ram

    I hope you see my point, Warner proved everything and still went to camp, Archy had proved nothing and didn't. That, fellow rams fans, is selfish!

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    RAMble On Guest
    What Arch did (and 3 other Ramsí picks) is the standard in the NFL. It would be unrealistic to expect anyone to report to camp without a deal or to sign a deal that wasnít commensurate with the other picks around him.

    Kurt Warner is a Saint. He by no means should be the standard that all other players are judged. If I remember correctly he even said he was going to give to charity any money that he made that was more than $350,000!

    For players to hold out is common. It is a give and take process with the delays coming from the team and the player. What pisses me off is when players refuse to play for a particular team. Remember John Elway coming out of Stanford refusing to play for Baltimore. Elway threatened to play baseball unless the Colts traded him to a team on the West Coast. Now that was LAME.

    Arch ultimately did what 99% of America would have done. Warner was the exception and not the rule.

    As long as he gives it 100% (which he does), he is alright in my book!

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    Republican Ram Guest
    Did you at one time play? According to your name, it makes me believe that you did. If that is the case, congrats, you did what many dream about, yet, only few achieve.

    Anyway, politics is a dirty business. Shannigans are in both parties as well as third parties. However, I can honestly say that sports is the dirtiest business of them all. I love 'em, everybody loves sports, but Warner I think was trying to make a stand that others should follow. He is a Saint, but he is also the leader of the Rams. The other leader on our team, Marshall Faulk went to mini-camp when his contract was not settled as well. The thing that seperates our franchise above all others is that we are a team first and individuals second. Take Devin Bush for instance, he took a pay cut to stay on the Rams cause he wanted to play for them. Unfortunitly, for cap reasons, they had to release him to settle an injury settlement with another player.

    The Rams are a better organization and I feel players should be accountable to the team leaders. Keep in mind, Warner also plays hurt, Archy has sat out the last two games with a concoision and a thigh injury. Warner played just six days after recieving a harsh concoision and had recently recovered from a still broken finger.

    Don't take this the wrong way, I like you man, I love getting feed back on my posts whether you agree or disagree with me. Just remember what both of our first grade teachers taught us; "Just because everybody does it, it doesn't make it right."

    I am in the process of trying to quit smoking and whenever I have a cigerette I say, "Well, all my friends do it, all the people I work with do it, it still doesn't make it right."

    Thanks for the feed back, it's an interisting discussion to have. Whether we agree or disagree, I got no hard feelings, partner!

    Go Rams!
    Republican Ram :ram

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    RAMble On Guest
    I agree that in a perfect world, everyone should consider the team first. Look at it this way; at least the NFL has a much better model than Major League Baseball.

    Consider that a drafted player has to wait to see what other players that were picked around him are getting offered. Sometimes this takes a long time. Iím a big fan of Archuleta and I donít think the delay in signing speaks to the manís character. Remember too that Arch broke his hand in the first series of a game and continued playing through to the end. I don't think you can question his heart either.

    Who really knows besides his Momma?

    On the bright side, I hear he voted for Bush!

    I never played in the big leagues, just liked the song of the same name.

    Take it easy fellow warrior. Just sharing my thoughts good or bad; right or wrong. I do it all for the joy of posting with my fellow Ram fans.


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    Republican Ram Guest


    Well, they say the quickest way to a man's heart is by way of the stomach and the quickest way to a Republicans heart is by way of the ballot!

    Hummmmm, what is quickest way to a Rams Fans heart? How bout another trip to the Super Bowl?

    Thanks for your responce, it's cool that us Ram warriors can agree to disagree, but I am starting to like Arch better, based on the info you gave me. I mean, if your gonna play in St. Louis, your name might as well be "Arch"! Sort of a corny pun, but it is fitting. Also, it's fitting that both me and Arch are rookies, him on the feild, me on this forum(I have been a Rams fan since they moved to St. Louis though)

    Actually, I probably won't ever make it to the "big leauges" of politics, but I did work for Bush in that crazy election of 2000. It was a great expirence. I even got to meet him and Laura. To bad I didn't get to me his twin daughters.

    Stay in touch, if we can agree on one thing, it's that were gonna thump the 9ers this weekend at the dome and were gonna score so many points that they are gonna have to do a recount! LOL Another corny pun

    Patrick Dixon

    aka-Republican Ram:shield:

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