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Thread: Why Favre

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    bigtiger737 Guest

    Why Favre

    Over and over and over every off season there is brett Favre talk. I like favre but seriously.. I just lost 30 min of my life listening to Espn bable on about moronic speculation of favre.. Forgoing weather shaq will retire, forgoing, info on NBA and NHL playoffs for the shot in the dark that maybe, favre will get surgery, and if he does, maybe he will be ok enough to play again, and if so maybe he will want to, and if so maybe he will sign with the vikings. I don't understand what makes this so signifigant. I actually have the same torn tendon in my right arm just like favre and If I had the money I would also get surgery because it is freakin annoying. I couldn't imagine doing the farm work favre is said to love with it. Between him and vick I may take a 2 month break from ESPN I love them but man I am sick of there tired offseason routine. just wondering if anyone is getting to this point as we'll?

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    Re: Why Favre

    Favre was on the Packers Roster and Vick was on the Falcons when i got sick of hearing about either one of them.

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    Re: Why Favre

    I can't stand it either. They need to leave it alone until something actually happens.

    NFL Live has been freakin' weak lately. During one episode I can recall, they talked about Favre for ten minutes, Manny Ramirez next, and finished off by talking about Vick. Two former NFL quarterbacks who are NOT in the league and a baseball player for Pete's sake.

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    Re: Why Favre

    I agree, I'll admit that Favre is by far my favorite non-Ram player, but even I can't stand listening to the talking heads drone on and on about him. I wish they would let the story die until he does make his mind up. Until then, I'll just continue to avoid ESPN.

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    Re: Why Favre

    You people crack me up!

    You would rather hear or read about how you're favorite NBA or NHL team is doing in the playoffs? Or how you're favorite baseball team is doing?

    Not me I want to be flooded with Favre and Vick news. I'm silly like that!


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    Mooselini Guest

    Re: Why Favre

    I'm really glad hockey season lives on this far into the offseason. I am seriously sick of all the Brett Favre and Michael Vick stories. But these analysts need SOMETHING to talk about. Hey, lets talk about crap that might not happen.

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    Re: Why Favre

    Why Favre? Because it's a soap opera and people love soap operas.

    My question would be, why not Farve?

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    Re: Why Favre

    Question is does anyone take ESPN seriously?

    Its all about hype and marketing--plane and simple. Get everyone excited and focused on sports so they open their wallets. I remember week one of the start of many games do they play again in a season? And yet ESPN goes on and on about the possibility of hitting records being broken...again HYPE--Baseball is a long drawn out process and its not till the last month that a real picture really emerges as to speculate who will chase what title and so on.

    Baseket Ball and Hockey--same problem--lots of games and too long a season. But ESPN needs to talk about something. But for all that matters they ought to be playing Elevator music in the early weeks and months of those sports since the picture is way to blurry to make any detailed analysis or real predictions.

    All I can say is thank God there is light at the end of the Baseket Ball Season and hocky for that matter more month of this mindless banter and my ears would start bleeding

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