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    Why we WON’T have NFL next year ..

    From the Sports Bank:

    Before reading this I must warn you: it’s rather depressing. It’s a very inconvenient and awful truth about the prospects of the 2011 NFL season. I hope you aren’t in a dark, gloomy and cold place right now.

    Coupled with the prospect of losing the next NBA season to a lockout…well, if you’re complaining about how bad your team is now, wait quote ’90s R&B artist Jodeci (actually quoting Bobby Womack since they covered him) “if you think you’re lonely now, wait until tonight.”

    Remember how you felt when the NFL season ended last Feburary? This Debbie Downer piece from Docksquad Sports is a must-read, because it gives you the skinny on the league’s revenue sharing agreement. You don’t need to have a MBA or job at Charles Schwab to read it.

    The article is penned by a Chicago litigation and labor attorney, but you don’t need a Doctorate of Jurisprudence to appreciate it.

    (And yes, I quoted both Jodeci and Bobby Womack in the same article, but you can scrutinize my taste in music later)

    Many fans are misinformed about what’s about to go down because the information seems intimidating, but it’s not, especially in this post.

    Here’s an excerpt of the 101:

    The main source of revenue is television contracts. As of today, the NFL receives $3.085 billion a year from the major television networks such as CBS, FOX, NBC and ESPN. It is a staggering sum when you consider that in 1982, the NFL received only $482 million dollars a year from NBC, CBS and ABC for the right to broadcast NFL games.
    Interestingly, the owners have structured the television contracts so that in case the players are locked out or they go on strike, the NFL will still collect $3.085 billion per year. The broadcast companies will receive “credit” that will be used in the future. The NFLPA has filed suit against the NFL to either stop payments or to at least receive a fair share in the meantime.

    Interesting point below. It has ALWAYS SICKENED me that we pay for these stadiums with our hard-earned tax dollars. And they have the nerve to charge us ridiculous money for admission! Think about that! Our money goes to parks, hospitals, roads, public spaces- now imagine if they charged $70 a pop to use them. It’s true for sports franchise owners: they socialize risk and privatize profit- just like all the bailed out investment banks!

    Who do they think they are, Goldman Sachs! For more on this read Dave Zirin’s “Bad Sports: How Owners The Ruining the Game We Love"

    Now many of you reading this may be saying that this is their business. As business owners, they get to keep the profit but also have to incur losses should a franchise’s costs exceed revenues. However, it is a fallacy to believe that owners take on all the risk. For example, many of the NFL teams play in stadiums that are built with taxpayer dollars. Yet when the owners lock out the players and there is no football on Sundays, it is the taxpayers and not the owners that will have to pay to maintain these empty stadiums.

    Any comments on this from our ClanRam legal team?

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    Re: Why we WON’T have NFL next year ..

    Anyone want to loan me some money? I think I'm going to go buy a team!

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    Re: Why we WON’T have NFL next year ..

    i blame the French...

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    Re: Why we WON’T have NFL next year ..

    That post didnt really explain why we wont have NFL next year.Seemed to me it just explained where the NFL got alot of its money from and then the guy went on ranting...i dont see how stating where the money comes from without proving displeasure by the networks that give the money will lead to them not paying next year thus having a lockout?

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    Re: Why we WON’T have NFL next year ..

    Reason number one is Money--ironically reasons 2, 3, 4 and 5 are all because of money too. But seriously, besides who gets what slice of the pie, players vs owners, there is other financial manovering going own that pits players verse players and teams verse other times.

    Its large markets like Dallas being pitted against smaller markets like Buffalo. Revenue sharing has helped prevent big money spenders from buying SuperBowls. One needs but look at MLB where its almost the Yankees verses someone else every year. Further unlike Dallas and Washington, whose teams are play toys for their owners' egos, most teams in the NFL are a business, meant to make their owners' as much profit as possible. Business 101 is to get away with as less expense as possible to make as much profit as possible; hense why there is talk of Rookie salary caps.

    There is older players verses younger players. Sam Bradford was offered how much money not having thrown a single pass in the NFL compared to Tom Brady and 3 Superbowls? For every Tom Brady, P. Manning, S. Bradford and their Mult-imillion dollar deals there are at least 5 players who are lucky to make a million or two a year--even less.

    So is there a possibilty of a lockout/strike in 2011 when considering every party is looking for a bigger slice of the same pie? Unless all sides compromise for the betterment of the game, oh yah no football in 2011.

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    Re: Why we WON’T have NFL next year ..

    mehhh, I miss the good ole' days... where most athletes cared about playing for the love and passion for the game rather than the amount of trees they can put on their pockets. The aspect of this contributes to the gap between how a person makes then and how a person makes now (ex. minimum wage was around $0.25 back then and now it's around $8.00)

    One rookie player will make $50mil guaranteed while experienced/exceptionally talented vets will be paid $40mil with only $11mil guaranteed, yeah that's understandable but the multiple parties need to work together to find an appropriate compromise. It's like Republicans and Democrats fighting against one another for power struggles between which is the supreme ideal rather than working together to resolve their problems.

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