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    Will Pats owner fire Belichick?

    Will Pats owner fire Belichick?
    Posted: Saturday September 15, 2007 08:43AM ET
    Don't be stunned if this isn't the beginning of a divorce between Bill Belichick and the Patriots' public-relations conscious Robert Kraft, who has already had issues with the way Belichick portrays himself publicly and the way he cloaks his players from the fans via his stringent media policies. If you're thinking Kraft might pick up that $500,000 fine Belichick incurred, think again. Belichick has shamed the organization so badly he should pick up the $250,000 fine Kraft has to pay the NFL on behalf of the organization. Don't be surprised if Kraft has decided this is the last straw and parts ways with Belichick after this season. There will likely be an opening inside of Giants Stadium after this season.

    New York Post

    After San Diego fired a coach whose team was 14-2 in the reg season, Belicheat's dismissal would barely raise an eyebrow.


    GO RAMS!!

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    Re: Will Pats owner fire Belichick?

    I doubt it.

    But I tell you what....I just watched the interview with Belicheck on and it made me sick. The reporters kept asking him questions about the fines, if they cheated in other games, etc... and all he would say is "we're moving on....we're focusing on the Chargers right now....all our energy is on San Diego". And they would continue to ask him questions about it, and he would say the same thing. To the point that it was just embarrasing, really. There were a number of questions that he could have at least thrown them a bone, like when the reporter asked "what do you have to say to the fans"...."all our energies are on the Chargers...we're moving on"

    After seeing that, I almost think he should be fired. He can't even say a few words to the media/fans about it? Like he doesn't owe the fans even 1 word, just basically pleading the 5th because the NFL gave him a fine so it's 'behind "us" '.

    I hope reports ask him about it for the next 10 years straight, because I get the feeling he's the only one who thinks this is 'behind "us" '.

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    Re: Will Pats owner fire Belichick?

    I had heard ***RUMORS**** of Belichick going to New York Football Giants before this cheating thing ever surfaced.

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    Re: Will Pats owner fire Belichick?

    Answer: NO

    If the Pats did, it would rank up there with one of the biggest bone-headed decisions any NFL team made--on par with the H. Walker trade the Vikings made with Cowboys. Belichick is in a unique possition most head coaches envy, being able to right his own ticket. Most teams would over look his "indescretions" to hire a proven winner.

    It might not be the right thing to do that NFL teams would deal with the devil to become a winner. But a lot of teams look at winning as the only thing.

    The only real issue of Belichick staying with the Pats will revolve around salary issues to retain him. The Pats not nortorious for opening the purse strings might have him looking for a new team.

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