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    Will Seattle Vs Niners Expose Trash Talkiing's Worst

    When I watch these two teams, I have no idea how they can ever throw a flag for "taunting", because Anquan Bolden could get one every play, but instead, nothing, even for a clear cut head butt today.

    It's my hope that on a national stagem the NFL sees that the XFL antics are far worse than the "fun bunch" team celebrations that now draw an instant flag.

    Fans have ripped on the Rams for drawing fouls, and doing things on the field that offend our midwest sensibilities about sportsmanship.

    In places like San Francisco and Seattle, the CELEBRATE this WWE nonsense after every play.

    It's delay of game, if nothing else, unless you let them fight, like in hockey.

    I was waiting for some Panther player to go all Incognito on Bolden or other punk actors on the Niners, and against Seattle, in that environment DESIGNED deliberately for maximum noise, things really could explode if they continue to let these two teams follow their usual game plan.

    I felt all along that the Rams had little choice but join in the trash when they played these two teams, and also Carolina, who held their own in the foolishness that ruined a good game.

    How refreshing was it to watch Denver and San Diego, two division rivals, duke it out with none of the garbage we saw in the NFC games? Old school coaches Fox and a former protege McCoy have controlled the B.S. stuff, while former College guys Harbaugh and Carroll seem to be behind it, and want as much as possible, as long as no flags are thrown.

    Of course in the playoffs, things are far looser, except it seems for a handful of awful calls that change games that matter the most.

    When I watch these DBs make contact at the line, and keep it for 20 yards downfield, with lots of grabbing, shoving, and blocking of receivers akmost completely uncalled, I wonder how much better the Rams guys would be if they got away with that amount of rule bending.

    The inconsistency of the officials right now is striking, even worse than usual.

    I think the NFL better have a TOP crew doing the NFC Championship, or it could really blow up into something ugly. I kind of hope it does actually, so these two teams, who set the trend for the whole division, will see that they need to rein in the over the top stuff and especially a handful of real punks that wear those uniforms.

    If they cannot police t hemselves, perhaps the head coaches should get punished, not just the players.

    Barry Waller

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    Re: Will Seattle Vs Niners Expose Trash Talkiing's Worst

    It was very frustrating watching the Rams v Carolina and Rams v Seahawks game and see the exact same things called on one team and not the other. There were instances of this in the Niners v Carolina game too, where Captain Munnerlyn was called for headbutting Crabtree, but Boldin did the exact same thing to Mike Mitchell and no call.

    When it comes to Boldin, it was very frustrating watching him pushoff and grab Rams DBs to get himself open, with no punishment, but as soon as a Rams DB touched him a flag flew.

    I remember in a couple of games this year Janoris Jenkins got called for a few minor grabs where it looked like he was just jockeying for position with the WR. Eric Weddle of the Chargers literally tackled Julius Thomas to the ground twice and it wasn't called.

    It's the inconsistency that annoys me.

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    Re: Will Seattle Vs Niners Expose Trash Talkiing's Worst

    I don't know about taunting, but Boldin could certainly get called for offensive pass interference on most plays.

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    Re: Will Seattle Vs Niners Expose Trash Talkiing's Worst

    The trash talking antics have no place in the game. As mentioned by Barry, the SD Denver game was refreshing. The Whiners and Hags will be a trash talk fest.

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