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    Will these rookies have an impact in the West?

    I love this time of year. It's fun trying to see how insightful you are as a fan by predicting how things will turn out even before training camp. Even before some poor team gets Michael Vick'd in the preseason.

    So, I thought I would start out with the rookies that have come into the NFC West this year and see which ones will have an impact. Some are pretty obvious. Some are a stretch. Anyway, here goes.


    Most obvious choice is Larry Fitzgerald. This guy is the real deal. He caught a touchdown pass in 16 straight games. Supposedly runs routes like a pro already. He's 6'3, 223. Good size for a wideout.

    Least obvious choice would be John Navarre. Don't count out the Michigan
    QB's. They seem to turn out pretty good. Navarre threw for over 9,000 yards in his career.

    San Francisco

    Rashaun Woods is an amazing WR. 42 career touchdown passes in three years at Oklahoma State is something. He didn't play in the Big 12 North either. OSU faced Oklahoma, Texas, and Texas Tech every year. Tech won't be confused with defense, but you better make the plays offensively or they will beat you.

    DT Isaac Sopoaga from Hawaii could be the sleeper of the whole draft. May be the best run stuffing rookie. Little light at 6'2 321 but may bulk up.


    I watched Marcus Tubbs here at Texas and he really was off and on. Michael Boulware, the 2nd round SS pick from Florida State is a pick that sort of makes me nervous as a Rams fan. If Boulware at SS gets up to speed quick, with Hamlin at FS, they have the best S combo in the West. Just with the pick of Boulware, and Hamlin is just coming off his rookie season.

    Niko Koutouvides, the LB out of Purdue, is another one of those motor players. All Big 10 first team LB while playing the last 3 or 4 games hurt. Second on the Purdue team last year with 101 tackles.


    Tony Hargrove. Steven Jackson has the luxury of playing behind Faulk and learning. Hargrove may not be playing behind anyone with the loses at DE we had this offseason. I know everyone is saying that the Rams will probably use a rotation at DE which is true, but I bet you the coaches are hoping Hargrove is not just a workout phenom. Would not surprise me if Hargrove has a good camp and preseason he's the starting DE against Arizona in Game 1.

    Eric Jensen. Let's face it, the TE job is wide open. Manu hasn't shown us much, but to his credit was probably ask to learn to much as a rookie. This offense is complicated, and to ask a rookie to learn two maybe three positions is alot to ask. Jensen so far has impressed the coaches. Now if he can be effective in the red zone........

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    Re: Will these rookies have an impact in the West?

    You do know that Tubbs had to play every down in Texas, right? 70-80 plays a game? Of course he'd be off/on! What d-lineman do you know of that play 80 plays a game and don't go off and on?? He'll be golden in a four-man rotation at DL like Seattle will be using this year. Rashad Moore/Marcus Tubbs and Cedric Woodard/Rocky Bernard. Just a thought. Also, Fitz will be the most impactful rookie in the West this year. Unless Boulware does transition brilliantly to SS or unless SF finds a QB to throw to Woods. IMHO.

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    Re: Will these rookies have an impact in the West?

    Quote Originally Posted by txramsfan
    Let's face it, the TE job is wide open.
    I disagree based on the contract Manu signed with the Rams. Jensen, IMO, will at best beat out Cleeland for the #2 job, but even that's up in the air.

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    Re: Will these rookies have an impact in the West?

    If Boulware at SS gets up to speed quick, with Hamlin at FS, they have the best S combo in the West.
    I think I'd rather have Archuleta and the age-less Aeneas.

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