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    Would you rather be 6-10 or 8-8?

    Here's another daily reminder of how little the pre-season really means. Brought to you by your ol' pal HUbison:

    Last year there were two groups of teams. Each group consisted of 4 teams. Here's their records in the preseason:

    Group A
    team 1) 2-2
    team 2) 2-2
    team 3) 1-3
    team 4) 1-3
    Group A total 6-10

    Group B
    team 1) 0-4
    team 2) 2-2
    team 3) 3-1
    team 4) 3-1
    Group B total 8-8

    So if I had my picks I'd take Group B since they were two games better in the preseason.....but I'd end up being quite foolish.

    Group A consisted of the 4 teams that made it to their conference championships...New England (1-3), Philly (1-3), Pittsburgh (2-2), and Atlanta (2-2).

    Group B consisted of the 4 worst teams in the NFL at a combined 15-49....San Fran (0-4), Miami (2-2), Cleveland (3-1), Tennessee (3-1)

    So remember regardless of what happens tonight, the only thing that matters is nobody gets hurt. Whether we win big, lose big, play it close, tie, or they stop keeping score all together, tomorrow morning there will be nothing to gloat over OR cry about. If we win, the NFL won't be engraving our name on the Lombardi....if we lose, the sky will still be firmly in place.

    Enjoy the game, and hope for no injuries.

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    Re: Would you rather be 6-10 or 8-8?

    I agree. The result of the game is pretty meaningless. It's what happens during the game that we need to pay attention to, and even that doesn't deserve such polar responses as what we got last weekend.

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    Re: Would you rather be 6-10 or 8-8?

    A win tonight would be nice....not something we have to have, but still nice. More important is for our guys to make a team! If our starters get out there and play well, both offense and defense, then sit out in the third, I could care less if we win, as long as they show that they are ready for the season, and no one gets hurt.
    Besides, if I had a choice between beating Detroit or KC, I'd MUCH rather beat the dog manure out of KC.....:frown:

    Saint Louis
    of Los Angeles


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