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    Yo, Zebras!

    Hey, guys, I will tell you this: I'm all for hiring the disabled. In fact, I used to have a guy working for me that had 20/200 vision. He was a really good employee.

    But, seriously, you guys need to have a mandatory visual and psychological test for the boys in the stripes. I've noticed that during the 4 Rams games this season, you have either missed a penalty or called one that had to be invented by Hollywood. What is wrong with your eyes?

    Don't get me wrong here. I can think of at least 4 penalties committed by the Rams that you did not call. But, I can also name at least 4 that were committed against the Rams that weren't called. Eight penalties that some blind as a bat official missed.

    I thought SB XXXVI was over. I thought you guys were committed to calling the games fairly.

    In your defense, I don't think the penalties that were not called changed the results of the games.

    Now, let's discuss the 'frivolous' calls. Do you guys have to submit to mandatory drug testing? If not, you should. What part of your ass do you guys pull these penalties out of? Seriously, you guys need to understand something. We have instant replay.

    Listen again: Instant Replay.

    It's time for you Zebras to learn one thing: Every time you make a stupid call, America sees it. I'm sure you guys are using your credentials you earned after officiating the 2004 elections to keep your NFL jobs. However, this IS the NFL. Close is NOT close enough. If you aren't sure, demand a replay on the monitor BEFORE you make a call! I don't care if it isn't allowed. All I care about is fair play. I can stand my team losing a ame if every penalty was called fairly. I can't stand a win when some power hungry Zebra can't see straight.

    I'm sure the Clan agrees on this. We ALL want to win, but we want a FAIR win, not one tainted by some bad calls.

    I'm sure you all know the rulebook, but can't we make it an official rule that it can't be printed in Braille for the officials?

    OK, MY RANT IS over!

    Saint Louis
    of Los Angeles

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    Re: Yo, Zebras!

    Sam, I know that you are talking about refs in general this season, but today's crew was headed up by none other than Springfield's own Larry Nemers. His crew has got to be one of the worst ever. Note to the NFL when hiring refs: If you can't see, keep up, remember that replay is available, or your Dad and Uncle are the same person, then you should not be allowed to be a referee....


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