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    You can have Michael Vick.

    Ok, I know that the probowl is a popularity contest, thus guys like Vick get in because of their highlight reals....

    But as a QB, this guy is terrible. At one point he was 4 for 12, and a couple picks, and I don't think it got much better from there.

    The guy is an amazing athlete, and probably would be a sick CB, or WR, or even part time "Kordell Stuart" QB and thrown in on Punt Returns and WR...

    But as a QB, he is average at best. The scrambling thing only works once in awhile when a play breaks down. There are so many announcers that try to say he is good, or he will get better, but he's still the same guy and you get what you get. He's been complaining about the west coast offense, but they even put in scaled down version of it to make it easy for him. Maybe it is a bad offensive system for him, but I think you have to prove you can run the "dink and dunk" offense before they let you open it up.

    Too much money to pay for a guy with "Deion Sanders" moves to try to be a QB in the NFL. I bet he'd lead the league in picks as a CB or Safety.

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    Re: You can have Michael Vick.

    I totally agree. Vick is playing the wrong position for sure. I saw a few highlights of Vicks performance in the pro bowl. 2 of his completions that I saw were outstanding catchs by the receivers, Vick has a terrible QB arm, period.

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    Can't judge ANYTHING by Pro Bowl

    While you may be correct about Vick, you can't judge anything by a Pro Bowl. In that case you would also never want Peyton Manning as your QB, he threw three picks!
    Wow, horrible QB, shouldn't be in the NFL. Or LaDanian had a 2.6 per carry rushing average or Dunn had a 1.7 rushing average. Poor backs.

    Pro Bowl is an exhibition with people who have never played together - period.
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    DirtySouthRams Guest

    Re: You can have Michael Vick.

    Vick is the most overrated player in the NFL, the problem is that 80% of teams would love to have him because he butts in the seats.

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    Re: You can have Michael Vick.

    True about the Pro Bowl, but in Vick's case we have plenty of evidence that he isn't much more than an average passer. In fact, he should probably pay Peerless Price a ton of money and offer a public apology for single handedly ruining his career.


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