Today, while out shopping for Sami a birthday gift, I wandered into this small sports card shop. I found a couple of items. I asked Sami (remember, she's almost five) if she recognized the items. She pointed to one and said "That one's got Kurt's name on it". Displayed in a beautiful acrylic case with the etched Rams logo, there was the 'Rams Championship history' ball...autographed by KW himself. I was curious, so I asked. SEVENTY-FIVE DOLLARS FOR THE BALL AND THE CASE!!!!!! For a moment, I thought I was going to have to run home and change my britches....then I decided not to buy it. Today was shopping for Sami, not me. If anyone wants info on where I found this, contact me. I want it, but my conscience got the best of me.

Oh, he had a 'farty whiners' helmet signed by the entire '99 team. The guy who bought it from him in 2000 brought it back this past January. The dealer paid him 25% of the original sales price.