Posting this from iPhone, so sorry for any typo's.

In a 10 person fantasy league where RB's and WR's get 1 for 10 and 6 for a TD. But, returner's also get 1 for 10. I am in first place, but two of my three losses came from my opponent having one or more returner's playing and I don't have any players that do that.

I have the chance to trade McCoy (Eagles RB) for Danny. I have SJax and Hillis as my starting backs. I have a stable of WR's, so Danny would be used as a flex just to give me the return yardage.

As of now, McCoy has 108 pts and Danny has 86, but I think part of that difference was when Danny wasn't our #1 target.

What do you think? I can post my whole roster when I am back home off my iPhone.