Q: I am going to be a commissioner of a league this year. I have been playing fantasy football for about six years. Half of my league will be newbies. How much help should I provide these guys before the draft?

Rob West
Stationed in Baghdad, Iraq (Army)

A: Thanks for the question, and thanks for serving our nation. The least I can do is supply an answer. Your job as commissioner is to set up the league and make sure it runs smoothly. A competitive (and therefore enjoyable) league requires knowledgeable owners. It won't be much fun if the new guys create a league of superpowers and doormats. Still, you shouldn't have to hold the hands of these first-time owners and walk them through the season.

Make sure everyone knows and understands the rules, and I would highly suggest supplying everyone with written copies. It also wouldn't hurt to suggest a place for the greenhorns to get some fantasy information so they aren't totally in the dark. Telling them to check out our rankings or to purchase a copy of our owners manual would be enough advice. The rest is up to them.

Rob Hurtt - SportingNews.com