How much of an impact will newcomers Boston and Feeley have on the offense?

It's not a guarantee A.J. Feeley will start, so his impact will depend on how much he plays. At the moment, Jay Fiedler has the edge going into training camp because of his familiarity with the offense and how well he works with the returning players. Feeley has a slightly stronger arm and may be a little more accurate than Fiedler. Fiedler is a given. He's good enough to get this team to nine or 10 wins. Dave Wannstedt needs to make the playoffs to keep his job, so nine or 10 wins may not be enough. Wannstedt just has to make the right decision on which quarterback can do better in December and January. He has training camp to make that decision. Boston has a chance to make it easier for both QBs to succeed. When Boston is right, he destroys defenses. He's good for 100 receiving yards and two TDs any given Sunday. Injuries and attitude have held him back over the past two seasons. Still, he caught 70 passes and scored seven TDs for the Chargers last season. The Dolphins had only 17 receiving TDs last year, 11 from Chris Chambers, six from the rest of the team. Boston got off to a shaky start. He had trouble getting his muscular body under 240 pounds. Now, he's on pace to play at around 228 pounds and his explosiveness is coming back. Boston should easily average 14 yards per catch. That would cause more teams to double cover him at the split end position. Chambers, who is in a contract year, should put up big numbers if Boston is right. His 64 catches and 963 yards a year ago should grow into a certain 1,000-yard season. Plus, Wannstedt is high on third receiver Derrius Thompson. Boston alone could make a bigger difference than Feeley.

John Clayton,