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Thread: Need an owner

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    moklerman Guest

    Need an owner

    Hey everyone, I run a keeper league on and I need to find an owner to adopt a team.

    The league consists of 12 teams and is based on a CY(Contract Year) format (sort of a combination salary cap/keeper hybrid). Each team is alotted 25 CY's which are distributed among the owner's team as they see fit. You can use all 25 or none at all. Once a player is under contract, he will stay on your team for the duration of that contract. If you drop the player, you are still responsible for his assigned contract. You can get rid of a contract by trading for a player that is also under contract. There is an injured reserve for players that are under contract. Once on injured reserve, they are done for the year though. All of the rules, etc. are on the site.

    Here's a link to last years league:
    Click here

    The entry fee is $30 and must be paid before the live draft. The LIVE draft is Sunday, September 10th, 2006 at 9 a.m. Pacific. There is only one team available and it's first come, first served.

    This league is designed to be a little different but more importantly fun and fair. I have final say on all trades and transactions and don't allow team's to do some of the underhanded things that I'm sure anyone who's played fantasy football has run into. Suggestions and participation by the owners is encouraged. I will be posting this message on a few different message boards so contact me as soon as possible if you're interested.



    The team that will be adopted:

    TEAM A (Formerly known as the Vegas Scorpions)

    Brooks, Aaron OAK QB-1CY
    Culpepper, Daunte MIA QB-3 CY
    Delhomme, Jake CAR QB-3 CY
    McGahee, Willis BUF RB-3 CY
    Tomlinson, Ladanian SDC RB-3 CY
    Curtis, Kevin STL WR-4 CY
    McCardell, Keenan SDC WR-1 CY
    Ward, Hines PIT WR-1 CY

    The CY's are current for 2006. For example, Aaron Brooks is on 1 CY so you will have him this year but he will go back into the draft pool next year.

    EDIT: Fixed the link for ya. -jake-
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    moklerman Guest

    Re: Need an owner

    thanks for the info. I didn't realize a person couldn't visit the site as a guest. Sorry.

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    moklerman Guest

    Re: Need an owner


    Back down to Team A.

    I forgot to mention that all the entry fee money goes back into the league(not my pockets). 1st place pays $200, 2nd $60 and 3rd $30. The other $70 helps pay for the site.

    Thanks for fixing my link Jake, where did I go wrong?
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    moklerman Guest

    Re: Need an owner

    Teams no longer available, Please close thread. Thanks.


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