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    Need Rams fans advice..

    I'm a Cards fan (don't hold it against me) but come in peace....need some assistance.

    I'm in a TWENTY team fantasy you can appreciate how shallow the rosters are...for example my starting WR's are Steve Smith (Car) and Crabtree lol....that's how shallow the rosters are.

    And don't blame me for drafting crabtree, the doofball commish set the draft at 9am in the morning when most normal adults are at work. Anyways, i got stuck with who I got stuck with and can't change it now.

    So anyways, I'm scouring the FA wire and there's really not much out there.

    Long story short, there are 3 Rams WR's on the FA list:


    Of those 3, is there any one that stands out as having the most potential for impact? Also, the auto-draft landed Danario Alexander on my roster. I understand you guys have Sims-Walker, a rookie, and Clayton on the roster now too, so it looks fairly crowded.

    Are any of those 3 worth picking up? Is Alexander worth holding on? With a 20 team league, I'm guessing we're only looking for WR's that could contribute 5-6 points a week with the occassional/rare 10 point game.

    To give you an example, the other "names" available on the FA WR list are guys like:

    Brian Hartline, Michael Jenkins, Bernard Berrian, TJ Housh, Justin Gage, Brandon Stokely, Josh Cribbs....and well, that's literally it for guys you've heard of before.

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    Re: Need Rams fans advice..

    Avery is the guy I would pick-up out of the 3 you listed. Alexander will get playing time just don't know how much.

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    Re: Need Rams fans advice..

    I would hang onto Alexander, if he can make it through training camp in 1 piece he's got a shot at being one of the top 2 guys for the Rams. At worst he'll be a big play option. If he gets hurt you can always drop him and pick up someone else. Of the 3 guys on the list, Avery by far stands out as valuable. Very very slim chance Robinson will be resigned. Gibson was unimpressive last year and he'll be fighting hard to keep a roster spot. Avery has a shot to be another go-to guy for the Rams. With the combination of Bradford and McDaniel's system, I'd expect these guy to put up solid numbers. The Rams don't have Clayton yet, so I'm just going off who is on the current roster. I'd pick up Avery if I were you. He's got top speed, and will be in an offense that will use him to stretch the field.

    Hope that helps, good luck this year and I hope you get tons of Fantasy points from the Rams...especially against the Cards

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    Re: Need Rams fans advice..

    Alexander is a bit of a gamble, but he could turn out to be one of those home-run hitters. Gibson and Robinson will be fighting to make the team, while Avery looks primed to have a very good season.

    Pick up Avery for sure. If you have to cut Alexander I really don't know if anybody outside of Rams fans would know his potential, so you may have a chance to pick him back up early.

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