The 2008 Beer & Peanuts Fantasy Football Keeper League( is looking for owners. It is a 12 team league, $30 entry per owner, 1st ($180), 2nd($60), 3rd($30) prizes are awarded. Each team is alotted a maximum of 20 Contract Years(CY) to distribute as that owner decides. The teams that are available are first come, first served. The first person to contact me and pay their entry fee($30) is awarded the available team of their choice. As an example, Franchise #6 has 6 players under contract, counting $11 CY against the cap of $20 and a $1 salary cap adjustment(this happens when a player with CY is dropped from a roster. Players under CY count against your cap whether you keep them or drop them once you have assigned those CY) which means there are 8 CY available to distribute in this year's draft. CY's must be distributed after the draft and before the season starts. Free agent pickups cannot be assigned CY's. It is NOT required that you distribute your CY, it is up to each owner how they "keep" their players. It's important to remember that if you try and make a trade, your cap must accomidate the desired player's CY.

Because of the terminology most owners take a little getting used to the salary structure but all in all, this is a keeper league with fairly straightforward scoring. 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF. Head-to-head matchups each week and top 6 teams make the playoffs. Bottom 6 teams play a losers bracket and the winner gets the following year's #1 overall pick(regular draft position after that).

Please feel free to visit last year's site at: Fantasy Football: The Beer & Peanuts League

Or view the scoring system: Fantasy Football: The Beer & Peanuts League League Scoring

Or view the by-laws: Fantasy Football: The Beer & Peanuts League League Bylaws

Please e-mail me with any questions:

Here are the teams that are available:

Franchise #6
7th overall pick (7 total draft picks)
Leinart, Matt ARI QB - 2 CY
Bush, Reggie NOS RB - 3 CY
Gore, Frank SFO RB - 2 CY
Williams, DeAngelo CAR RB - 1 CY
Johnson, Chad CIN WR - 2 CY
Winslow, Kellen CLE TE - 1 CY

Franchise #7
2nd overall pick in 2008 draft, remainder of draft #1 position (10 total draft picks)
McNabb, Donovan PHI QB - $1 CY
Jones-Drew, Maurice JAC RB - $2 CY
Portis, Clinton WAS RB - $1 CY

Franchise #8
#4 overall pick (8 total draft picks)
Brown, Ronnie MIA RB - $1 CY
Tomlinson, Ladainian SDC RB - $1 CY
Boldin, Anquan ARI WR - $1 CY
Johnson, Calvin DET WR - $3 CY
Davis, Vernon SFO TE - $2 CY

Franchise #10
3rd overall pick (10 total draft picks)
Quinn, Brady CLE QB - $2 CY
Bush, Michael OAK RB - $2 CY
Henry, Travis FA* RB - -$1 CY