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    Ramsfan16 - white league

    Hey 16 where you at? I have seen you around and I like your Sean Taylor signature, but I got a beef with you.

    The Hammerheads just lost this week's fantasy game because of the defensive rule that was entered incorrectly. I am angry at the loss, since I needed it for a potential playoff spot, and I was playing against BRM who has a lot of Patsie players who did not do well last night. I should have played the cards as my defense. They gave up a lot more real points but they would have won me my game since they had some turnovers and they got 11 fantasy points in this game. The Steelers get 1 stinking point for a big win and 10 points on the board for Cincy.

    Anyway....where have you been 16? You can't just disappear if you are the commissioner even if your team is doing poorly. What kind of example does that set? Drew is struggling this year, and he is frustrated, and he keeps playing and making adjustments. I can't believe that you bailed on us. What's the deal?


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    Re: Ramsfan16 - white league

    In three days, I would file a complaint with the International Association of FF Commissioners. They'll either find who has abducted him, or they will abduct him.

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    Re: Ramsfan16 - white league

    Now that's funny. I know the complaint about the defense points almost cost me in the first round of the playoffs.

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