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Hello all!

I co-run a small simulation/fantasy football website and we currently are looking for two active franchise owners. We are entering our 3rd year and are very well established.

We are also getting ready to open a 2nd sim league there so there is plenty to go around. This league will differ in that you will run a set NFL franchise rather then a team built through a fantasy draft. There is plenty to go around.

Basically the concept is simple, you run a football team. A full 53 man roster, you draft rookies, manage a salary cap.....the whole 9 yards. You trade with other teams, make tough cap decisions when needed and to furthur the experience there are tons of little extras as well. The games are simmed using computer software (Action! PC Home Page) Keep in mind this is a long term thing. This league isnt year to year your goal should be to build a franchise for the long haul!

It truly is intense and is absolutley a blast for football fanatics.

The only requirement is that you be active. Post in the forums, show up every now and again....etc. While it only requires an hour or so a week, we are avoiding a situation where you take over....get set up then bail til draft time. So if you dont have the time please dont bother. While there is no age requirement, obviously maturity is important.

This is a free league.

So if you think you have what it takes to build/run a team by all means get in touch!

I am Devin @ the gridiron forums (Gridiron Junkies - Powered by vBulletin)
or by email

Thanks guys, hope to hear from some of you!