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    Steven Jackson in the first round.

    Hey all. It's been a while since I posted here, and just getting done with my draft, I figured I would come post here. So here is the question. Did you, or are you going to draft Steven Jackson with your first round pick this year? I say Steven Jackson because I believe he's the only Ram that I believe has first round potential as of right now (hopefully that changes soon). Post your answer in the poll and feel free to say something about why you are choosing him over the other players.

    EDIT: I definitely drafted him along with Andre Johnson in the 2nd round.
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    Re: Steven Jackson in the first round.

    I have done/am going to be doing, many drafts this season. From Fantasy leagues with friends and a little money down, to a few espn free "Champion" leagues, I will be drafting numerous times.

    As for Jackson, yes I have drafted/will draft him. As for going AFTER him, I cannot necessarily say I have. One draft, he made it to the 8th spot, and it just seemed obvious. I think I have him in a total of 3 leagues. One which I stated above, just made sense. In another, it was a keeper league,and I feel safe knowing that he is still young, and that he and the offense have to get better eventually. That and we don't exactly have a solid #2 at the moment, or if we do, he hasn't stepped up yet.

    I draft based on talent, expectations, strength of schedule, past performances, contract years, and numerous other information sources and types, and have ridiculously extensive draft charts with paragraphs per individual that I have put together. When the cards fall, almost any football player could be on a fantasy team of mine. Well...any of them except for;

    Brian Westbrook, Brian Westbrook, and...Brian Westbrook.

    -That is all-

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    Re: Steven Jackson in the first round.

    yea jackson is deffenitely first round pick worthy, with a major improvemnt on the o line and karney. He will be a top 3 back by years end if he stays healthy! although he is a risky pick beacuse of his past injuries dont draft him ahead of pick six beacuse often times he slips to early to mid 2 round only beacuse of his 3 year average or 2008 totals are low.

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