Last night was one of the most entertaining games of the early college season. While most of the top 25 were playing cream-puff games against division 2 schools to pad their records for the BCS ,Mizzou and Illionois met again for each teams first game of the year. #6 against #20 that sounds like a late season bowl game instead of the first game of the year, with Mizzou coming out on top 52-42. Unfortunatly for the Illini they will fall from the top 25 due to this loss and will have trouble breaking the top 10 for the rest of the year even if they run the table. While USC, Ohio State, Oklahoma and the likes will all be 5-0 by the time they play a confernce game because the play teams like St. Mary's school for the blind in their non-conference schedule. I know every AD can schedule who they want but really, should'nt the NCAA regulate this somewhat. In a system where the nation champ is determined by the sportswriters rankings, shouldn't schools like Mizzou and Illinois be given some credit for stepping up to the plate and playing a real game early in the season.