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    Armageddon at Arrowhead

    While reading the Austin American Statesman this morning, enjoying a great migas breakfast (best thing to ever happen to breakfast since the chicken) I opened up page 2 of the sports section and what did I see? ARMAGEDDON AT ARROWHEAD. Geez, ESPN has corrupted even the print media. How could the destruction of Earth be compared to a football game between two schools who may not like each other but it's still just football?

    I blame Chris Berman for all this "rumblin bumblin stumblin" journalistic nonsense. He has himself brought journalism to an all time low.

    However, GO MIZZOU.

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    Re: Armageddon at Arrowhead

    Tx, I hear what you're saying. However, a border war with both teams in the national title picture has to be one of the signs of the apocolypse, right?

    I mean I can't remember exactly how it goes, but it's something like......plagues.... natural disasters.... famines.... KU vs. MU playing a meaningful game....2nd coming.

    I'm not sure I have the exact order right, but that game is certainly in there.

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    This game is/was truly a strange situation for me as well. I mean a Mizzou & Kansas game with national title game implications?? How bizarre is that well? It is kind of like the world is spinning out of orbit or something. Then again, it has been that kind of year for me: A Missouri soldier, deployed with a Kansas unit to Kosovo. Oh how sweet it was to be up all night (started locally @ 0200) watching Mizzou beat the Blue Chicken Hawks. I talked smack all week with the General, Colonels & a couple of Sergeant Majors (all from Kansas). It was so gratifying to watch their KU Pride disipate as the night went along. Today a couple of Mizzou Car Flags fly proudly on a hill in southern Kosovo and their Jayhawk flag was found hanging upside down (how do you think that happened??). It is rivalries like this, under these circumstances, that make the days go by faster when missing family, friends and our country. Go MIZZOU-RAH!!


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