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Thread: BCS proposal

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    DJRamFan Guest

    BCS proposal

    OK, here's what i would do...

    All conference champions in ALL conferences - strong and weak (this way in a few years MAYBE we could get some parity here too) - would be put into a playoff system. Seedings would be based on the current BCS system. Now, as far as the bowl games. Each game in each round would be given a bowl designation with the later bowl games being the "bigger" and more lucrative bowls. The rest of the teams would enter into the other bowl games, also based on the BCS system. This way, if you win your conference, you're guaranteed a chance at the title. If you don't , you don't, that simple.

    That's my plan...let the criticism fly...

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    DaddoRam Guest
    OK, I'll rip it up good, since you invited it! :evil:

    First off, such a tourney should NOT include just all the conference champs. No way should the champ of Conference USA be included ahead of 2nd best in the Big XII or SEC or Pac-10. Heck, this year's title could well go to a team that wasn't even in it's conference title game.
    Secondly, the idea of using the bowls won't work at all. You've come up with a plan that'll have at LEAST 16 teams, probably 32. So, let's take an example...round one, a game with Oregon vs. Virginia Tech, to be played in Memphis at the Liberty Bowl. There won't be many people there...the bowls get their money off of people from out of town coming in...if there's a possibility of your team going to five bowls, nobody's going...even teams like Kansas State that travel well won't bring 10,000 people to four different bowl games. The ONLY team in the nation that could draw crowds like that is probably Notre Dame.
    The only way a playoff will work is to completely get rid of the bowls, and just have eight teams play it off at the home stadium of the top rated team, which raises a fine spectre...playing football in late December in State College PA or Ann Arbor or Syracuse...that'll go over REAL well.
    I'm sorry, but the current set up is about as good as you're going to get, and that's not a bad thing.

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    DJRamFan Guest
    thanks daddo, i don't think there's a plan out there that will be ok for all those involved. No matter what you propose somebody is gonna hate it.

    Can you imagine Toledo (MAC) playing Colorado (Big XII) in a playoff game.

    My big thing is i would like to see some sort of compromise between playoffs and the BCS because they both have upsides.

    The system now is better than it used to be, but i don't think its the best system. Just look at any other division. North Dakota proved they are the champs for D2, If nebraska wins, they will not have proved (whether it's me or anybody else because there will more than likely be split champs) that they are the best.

    Let's keep 'em coming :nerd:

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    The last time we had a split National Championship, Nebraska was involved with Michigan at the time. A split championship is looming this year if Nebraska and Oregon win. This will turn out to be another mess, but a mess I in my own twisted way enjoy.

    The college game is in bed with money. Period. Both football and basketball. The bowls have funded college football for years, and have a contract through 2007 I believe. I don't know if you can have a playoff in college football with all the money the bowls throw at teams. And I have heard to include the bowls into a tournament, but do you honestly think the Rose, Sugar, Orange, and Fiesta want to be in a tournament where the winners move on? If they do, the dollars won't be the same FROM the bowls. The networks may step in and chuck dollars some way, but I don't see a tournament fit yet.

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    I remember that year...

    I believe it was 1996. Michigan had gone through and blown out teams all year and several of those teams were nationally rated. Nebraska, on the other hand, had played a lot easier schedule and had barely won several of their games. It sucked that they had to split.

    I believe the BCS is better than what we had then, but it is still not a GOOD system...
    This space for rent...

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    DJRamFan Guest
    I agree, the bowls will never allow a playoff, just won't and as long as they are shelling out the big $$$, the NCAA will continue to tweak the BCS.

    I also remember that year. It'll keep happening - maybe not as often - even with the BCS because football is unpredictable.

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