Hill will begin the search process immediately for a new coach.

Dec. 4, 2004


"I understand Urban's decision and appreciate what he has done in his time here. We have a great program at Utah and our plans are for that to continue. President Young and I will start the search process immediately for a new coach. We want to move quickly, but not so fast that we don't do a thorough job.
"As you know, I won't be sharing much about the search, but I can tell you that we will take a strong look internally.

"I met with the team leaders and they all want Urban to coach the team in the bowl game. Their opinions carry a lot of weight with me and I approved their request.

"This is a difficult situation, but the players know that this is their team and they will continue to make our community proud."

Urban Meyer's STATEMENT
"A coach's dream is to take a good football program and make it great. I feel like we've accomplished that here at Utah. The hard thing is leaving. It has been an honor to coach the most successful senior class in University of Utah football history. I can't say enough about how much all of the players mean to me.
"Under Chris Hill's leadership, I fully expect the University of Utah to remain a top 20 program for a long time. He is committed to the continued success of this program."