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    FSU's Sexton: Not insane, not on drugs...

    It turns out that FSA QB Richie Sexton, who was picked up by police in June looking disoriented, partially clothed and claiming to be "God," was, in fact, suffering psychological effects for lyme disease. He will miss this season as he undergoes intensive antibiotic treatment for the illness, which is typcially transmitted by ticks.

    Shame on the media and the fans who jumped all over this kid accusing him of everything from having a mental breakdown due to the pressure of being the starting QB to drug addiction.

    Let's hope he gets better and can resume his college football career.

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    Re: FSU's Sexton: Not insane, not on drugs...

    Wow...Lyme disease, huh? That's a rough one. Seen my share of it here and it ain't pretty. Good luck to him.

    In my own defense, however, the odds of artificial enhancement (Dope) leading to claims of God-hood are greater amongst the general population than Lyme Disease. Not that that makes it right, but history is a hard thing to overcome.

    Luck to the kid, though.


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