Aug. 5, 2005
CBS wire reports

ATHENS, Ga. -- Georgia linebacker Tavares Kearney was suspended for the season opener Friday after allegedly confronting an instructor who accused him of cheating on an exam.


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Kearney was cleared of the cheating charge, but he still faced accusations of disorderly conduct. He agreed to disciplinary action proposed by associate dean of students Kim Ellis.

The instructor said Kearney twisted her wrist last month after she confiscated his camera cell phone because she suspected the freshman of using it to cheat on a nutrition exam.

Coach Mark Richt said Kearney will miss the Sept. 3 opener against Boise State and also receive internal discipline and community service.

"We all have to live under authority," Richt said. "It was unacceptable for Tavares, as it would have been for any of our players, to be involved in any altercation with a faculty member. I'm sure there have been some valuable lessons learned."

In a statement, Kearney acknowledged that he "did not handle the situation in the best way possible, but I feel that the process has been handled in a fair way."

Kearney is the fifth Georgia player to be suspended from the opener for disciplinary reasons.

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