Every week I will give you my opinion on who will be the next great ram, via the nfl Draft. this weeks focus the Qb

Jimmy Clausen- this kid is an excellent qb Who is only going to get better, he committed to notre dame earlier this year, he is sure to be a stud at notre dame.

Mark Sanchez- Committed to USC last season. he got his scholar ship taken away but has since got it back, he is going to push for the starting qb job this fall.

Zack Frazer- Pennsylvania has a long history of producing great qb's, but none has piled up more passing yards in a single season than fraser. he threw for 3,674 yards and 27 touchdowns last season. he has committed to Notre dame.

Matt Stafford- stafford opend eyes during his 2003 sophmore season by throwing for 3,100 yards. expect stafford who has committed to georgia to post numbers similar to the ones he produced as a sophmore this fall.

now which one would be the better fit, jimmy clausen would fill the spot nice and be an able backup to marc bulger. now by the time clausen comes to the nfl bulger would be entering his 11th season, clausen has excellent arm strength and would be the first ram qb with above average arm strength. Now I am not saying the other 3 would not do any good I am just saying that Clausen is the Better Qb for us. But until then, this is marc bulger's show to run.

Join me next week to discuss wide recievers.