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    LSU got ripped off too!

    You think OU got ripped off but LSU had at least three bad calls, one being a missed pass interference in the endzone with two being overturned by the umpire(?), one while the Bayou Bengals were driving late in the game.

    A great game but a pitiful performance by the officiating crew that should be sent to the Slack 10 or fired, which is worse? for their punishment.

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    Re: LSU got ripped off too!

    I'm glad that I wasn't the only one disgusted by the officiating. To me those particular calls were just as bad as the ones in the OU game. I guess thats why they call it home field advantage.

    How do you make a call in the final seconds of a game and then without a review decide that it was a no call? Why wasn't it reviewed? I mean when you watch the replay it is quite obvious that the Auburn CB was hanging on the LSU WR before the other Aubrun player tipped the ball. They had just made the same call earlier in the 4th and the ball was nowhere near the Auburn wideout. Very peculiar....I guess college football isn't going to persue it based on the OU debacle. Can't have two F*&k ups in the same weekend.

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