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    ---Mock Draft ---

    I know. I know that its only Week 3 of the NFL Season, but its concluding Week 4 of the College season! But never to early to start looking at potential prospects for the Rams.

    So here we go.

    Round 1. Pick 5. Kenny Phillips S Miami
    - Kenny Phillips is an absolute freak, people are saying that he is right up with the best Safeties in Hurricane history. People are saying that he is Sean Taylor minus the hitting, and also that he is better than the likes of Ed Reed and others. Playmaker, who is great in coverage and great in Run Support. Would be a great pick for us.

    Round 2. Pick 5. Harry Douglas WR Louisville

    Round 3. Pick 5. Duane Brown OT Virginia Tech

    Round 4. Pick 5. Mike Klinkenborg MLB Iowa

    Round 5. Pick 5 Aadam Oliver DE georgia tech

    Round 6. Pick 5 Bobby Byrd OG Washington State

    Round 7. Pick 5 Josh Johnson QB San Diego

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    Re: ---Mock Draft ---

    Now, lets talk Phillips. Fantastic player comes from a college with a fantastic history for starting safeties. If i'm not mistaken, the last two prospects taken in round one were Ed Reed and Sean Taylor.

    Tackling, or, hitting, as you've said may be a concern, and it is a very legitimate issue for this secondary at the moment. Did you see what happened when Corey Chavous missed that tackle on Frank Gore? BANG! 43 yards and Rams lose by a point.

    Still, you don't pass up that much talent when it's available, and his tackling is still very solid. They didn't come out much better than Taylor in those stakes.

    I'm not sure how much I like a reciever in the second round, pending Bruce's retirement. Next year is his last year on contract, so I expect to see him go.

    The funny thing is, I look at our roster, and can't help but think we should be winning more games.

    Also, look out for a TE somewhere on day 1, just because Linehan loves them so much. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see him trade a first for Tony Gonzales based on his 'special teams' potential.

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    Re: ---Mock Draft ---

    Until the Draft Forum is back up following the season, I'm going to move this kind of stuff to the College forum since it's primarily about college players.

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