Aug. 19, 2005
CBS wire reports

ATHENS, Ga. -- Georgia freshman linebacker Tavares Kearney, already suspended one game for confronting an instructor, will miss the season with a knee injury.


The school announced Friday that Kearney needs surgery to treat a chronic injury to the articular cartilage in his right knee.

The operation is scheduled for Wednesday. The Bulldogs will seek a medical exemption from the NCAA for 2005, which would give Kearney another five years to complete four seasons of eligibility.

Kearney faced school charges of disorderly conduct after an instructor accused him of cheating on a nutrition exam last month.

The instructor said Kearney twisted her wrist after she confiscated his camera cell phone because she suspected the football player was using it to cheat.

Kearney was cleared of cheating but agreed to disciplinary measures proposed by school officials, conceding he "did not handle the situation in the best way possible."

Coach Mark Richt also suspended Kearney for the Sept. 3 opener against Boise State. Richt said the suspension will be carried over to the first game in 2006.

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