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    Welcome to the first College Football Thread

    And just in time for the bowl games also. Thanks Dezsan!!!

    Everyone is sqwaking about how bad the BCS is, but in all honesty, it works. Hey, Nebraska did lose to Colorado by 26, but at Colorado. Texas blew Colorado's doors down in Austin, 41-7 I believe. I know it was a wider margin than what the Buffs hung on the Huskers. Last time I looked, a loss in September will hang you also, look at the Buffs losing to Fresno State at home early. Two losses keeps them out legit. I bet if Nebraska had a second chance to play Colorado, like the Buffs did the Horns, that game is much closer.

    Oregon, they lost to Stanford at home. You can't lose conference games at home, and Stanford was hovering around 19 at the time. Nebraska's only loss came to a top ten team while playing on the road. Guess what I am saying is, the system worked. It took the element of human emotion out of the equation except for the polls. Not saying that the system worked for everyone, just that it did exactly what it is designed to do.

    So, let the bowls begin. And if Nebraska beats Miami....

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    Coach_Largent Guest

    I do .....

    I love college football.
    I actually prefer to watch college footbal to pros ......good to find another CFB forum ........

    BTW --- where in Austin do you live ? You know Saint Nick and I both live here too , right ??

    BTW - I agree with you about the BCS ...... it sucks, but Colorado got blasted earlier this year, and everyone just sweeps that under the rug ........

    Does anyone have any scoop on the gang-rape-recruiting-party-kegger at Colorado ??? I know there were 18 recruits in for their big push that weekend ........

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    BCS is still screwed up...2 losses vs. 1 loss is still backseat to head-to-head.

    Playoff needs to happen even if the BCS determines the top 8 or something.

    It's a shame $$$$ and administrative red tape has to screw up the game.

    I hate Nebraska, but i'm gonna root for them just so i can laugh at the stupid BCS and hope they do something big next year after they get split champions (that's allo moot anyway since miami will probably pound 'em - not that i like miami any better.)

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    I think a playoff system would be cool,but there would probably be flaws with that also.It would be interesting to see how a team like BYU would do against Miami or Nebraska,and There would be the potential for great match-ups that we normally dont get to see.I'm just not sure how they would structure a fair playoff system.Any ideas?

    :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:

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    sprtsmac Guest
    I agree that Colorado shouldn't be in the Rose Bowl; but I don't think Nebraska should either. Nebraska, as good as they are, did not even win their conference. I think Oregon should be playing for the national championship. I also think the BCS should take in account the conference. Which might help out or it might not. But lets face it, the best thing about all this gives us something to argue about.

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    DaddoRam Guest
    Oregon? Nebraska has one loss, and played a much tougher schedule.
    As for Colorado, obviously 2 losses means they're out. If you can talk Colorado, why not Florida? Or Texas? Or Oklahoma?
    Nebraska's the best choice to play Miami.

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    MsWistRAM Guest
    So the Huskers lost big in one game--it was ONE game. In the pros that wouldn't mean much. I do think if they want to keep out of controversy, the BCS should develop a playoff system.

    Hey, my fave Rams is a former Huskers blackshirt and his brother is still there. I know people are upset that they are in the Rose Bowl, but I don't care. I'm just ecstatic that they are in it. I hope they win. That would be a nice touch on Crouch's and Tracy Wistrom's resumes in the draft next year. (I will admit that I kinda hoped the Huskers would go to the Sugar Bowl so I could see them play Illinois. That really would have been a nice game.)

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    Crouch won't be going anywhere in the draft. IF he gets drafted it would be as a running back. He's an option quarterback and they never do well in the NFL.

    Prediction: He'll get drafted in a later round and get cut in preseason. He doesn't have the arm to be a QB...

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