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    Barry Bonds: Master Manipulator

    Who caught Bonds' interview today where he talked about how "tired" he was and how he is going to take time off. He said things like "you [the media] wanted to bring me down and now you have."

    At first glance, this might warrant a bit of sympathy. But.. consider the circumstances.

    Is it a coincidence that this is happening just as the steroid issue has become the big issue in baseball? Maybe the better question is... is it cynical to presume that Bonds is just trying to paint himself as a victim to avoid additional criticism?

    I was almost sucked to this, until I noticed something during the interview. There was a teen-age boy sitting next to Bonds during the interview, who I presume is Bonds' son. And what was he wearing? A Barry Sanders jersey.

    What is Barry Sanders famous for? Retiring suddenly and giving up a shot at a major sports record...

    Coincidence? I think not.

    Bonds is a master manipulator.

    But I'm not buying it.

    Go away... come back...

    At this point, I don't care, Barry. I'm done paying attention to your nonsense.

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    psycho9985 Guest

    Re: Barry Bonds: Master Manipulator

    Sorry AV not buying it.I know Bonds has to be exasperated by the media and all their slants.When the Guy wants to be left alone leave him alone,the Media just cant leave him alone.I know hes a big star,but damn people need some piece.Its probably turned his family and friends into nervous wreaks,always being hounded just for some reporters scoop just to get a pat on the back from his boss.I really feel for these guys.I dont think they should use steroids I think its wrong,but there is so much pressure to perform its unbelievable.I give him a pass,and I dont like Jose Canseco,Hes out of the game and hes trying to get back in the spotlight because he craves it so much he'll take down anybody.The media can ruin you and they dont care,they just want awards.

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    DJRamFan Guest

    Re: Barry Bonds: Master Manipulator

    Who's fault is it that the media has slanted everything Bonds says? Bonds hasn't been exactly forthcoming, ever, with the media. He never wants to talk to anybody or do anything so this is what you get. I'm not saying everyone needs to talk to the media, but if you get to where you hate everything and everybody, don't be shocked at the results.

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    psycho9985 Guest

    Re: Barry Bonds: Master Manipulator

    Its the medias fault.
    Bonds wasnt like that about 5 years ago, but I saw it coming.Saw what they were doing to Maguire.But they loved Sammy sosa until they found cork in his bat.the media paints a picture of you,and I think Bonds is being what hes accused of.Steroids has been around for a long time,but now its a big deal with Canseco coming out with it.Hell the 70s Steelers and Raiders,and probably the 72 Dolfins were pumped up on the s...but damn break a holy record and here comes the a$$ wholes.gotta bring them down hard make them the bad guys,and I'm sick of it.


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