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    YodaRam Guest

    Big Brown

    Looks like Big Brown dumped a big brown "road apple" at the Belmont. From Triple Crown threat to "also ran" in a matter of minutes. Should of been the easiest run of the Big Three. Casino Drive, the biggest threat, from Japan was a scratch. It was a mental decision, not by the jockey, but by the horse to quit.
    Let that be a lesson to those who think that animals are nothing but "tools" that are "mastered" and "controlled" by humans. Kudos to Big Brown for showing that animals have a thought process, no matter the stakes.

    RAM ON!

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    Re: Big Brown

    Wasn't there something wrong with his hoof? I thought I heard that he had a crack in it or something like that. It probably hurt to run. Poor timing I guess.

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    Re: Big Brown

    The hoof did have a crack, but it had been patched up. The trainer or vet or whatever said that after he'd filled it in, that was the last time he was going to have to look at it for the next 2-3 months. It wasn't supposed to be an issue.

    But the Belmont is supposed to be the longest of the three, isn't it? Maybe stamina was an issue? Dutrow, the trainer, also said he was going to run him without his monthly steroid shot. Maybe that had something to do with it? I hear Big Brown was put back on Wistrol afterwards.

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    YodaRam Guest

    Re: Big Brown

    The hoof was a non-issue. The fact is that he pulled up and quit. The jockey said that the track was dry and didn't support the horse. Horse-pucky! Whether it was the slow pace or the bumping in the first turn. Something got in his head and he quit. Good for him. I think i'm going to start referring to players and teams as The Big Brown or The Big Brown syndrome as opposed to "choking" when they underachieve in critical situations.

    RAM ON!

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