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    Dodger Breakdown after 1

    Well the boys lost a hard fought game today that they should have won.

    Jeff Kent slowing down on a ball that was obviously gonna drop stupid.

    Waving in J.D Drew right behind Kent even dumber.

    Getting two tagged at the plate on one hit???

    Leaving Lowe in to give up two more runs when it was obvious he was done incredibly stupid.

    Bringing in Penny to be our releiver?????????????????????? Not a good idea! Love the guy but if he is having back issues no way do you bring him in. Where was Sele or Tomko?? Let Braxton throw 2 innings and Dodgers would have had a much better chance.

    Boob of the game? Sorry but it was Kent, he had some nice hits but he made rookie mistakes out there today. The base running error, The fielding error and just slow to the ball today. I really do not think he should still be a second baseman anymore. It is a huge hole that will be taken advantage of time and time again.He is a great hitter and I like him in the lineup I just think maybe its time to play in the outfield. Ask me who I want in his place?? I dont know Im not a baseball expert maybe drew can provide more speed and close the hole quicker.

    Management I really feel lost us this game though. I think they handled the bullpen terribly today. When someone gives up 2 dingers in an inning it is time to at least get someone warming up. Lowe definatly should not have been pulled in the 4th/2 HR inning but they did not even make the call till right before he started the 6th.

    Tommorow is a must win vs Glavine. I think the boys have what it takes. I really like this squad and yes I know Im too hard on Kent. I guess maybe its because of his Giant days. Too see the boys only lose by one after all the mistakes management made I feel pretty good about this series.
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    Re: Dodger Breakdown after 1

    Dodgers will prevail, just a "stupid" bump in the road.

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    Re: Dodger Breakdown after 1

    Maddux will pick us up tomorrow.

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    Re: Dodger Breakdown after 1

    Dodgers are in the playoffs? Maddox is still playin'? Isn't he, like, 50 years old?

    Mets sweep.

    Restoration complete


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