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    The DUDgers...

    Man O MAN. I was taken to my first Dodgers game at Chavez Ravine in 1965 when my mom was still changing my diapers and there's been ups and downs through the years. As a fan, i roll with the punches but I'm wearing very thin with the constant year in and year out failure of this franchise.
    Always a reason or 'gimmick' to why we'll be better next year.
    This year it's highly OVERRATED Joe Torre and and (didn't this team realize this dude had lost ability to hit the ball well before they dealt for him) Andruw Jones. Torre had moderate success, at best, when you consider the talent he was given in New York. Jones had lost his ability to swing a bat long before we paid and touted his ability to positively impact the team.
    Our pitching staff isn't getting it done. Penny, Lowe, Billingsley, and Japanese Inc. You know you're not gettin' it done on the mound when you have to bring 20 year-old Kershaw into your starting rotation.
    Furcal being injured hurts. But Schmidt and Garciaparra are perpetual money pits. We finally swept "can't do" Jones under the rug with a "false" injury.
    We have bright spots and if anybody cares about this thread i don't need to explain what they are.
    We're in the weakest division in the N.L. The West. And we SUCK! I know it's LA LA land but jeez when do butts stop filling seats when we consistently put a crappy product on the field.
    I've always been Dodger BLUE but for many years just blue.
    When it comes to sports this one thing is true: Los Angeles fans are lazy. Being a fan has to be convenient. THEY don't voice opinions to help create change. Not enough 'true' fans. Surf's up dude!!
    There is no wonder that the devil went down to 'Georgia' and said move the Rams to St. Louis.

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    Re: The DUDgers...

    I feel your pain. I've been a Dodger fan since the mid 60's. It's time for this franchise to rise to the top.

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    Re: The DUDgers...

    highly OVERRATED Joe Torre
    Never a more true statement has been uttered. Everybody likes to look at his 12 years with the open checkbook......10 division champs., 6 pennants, 4 WS champs. But what about the rest of his career where he had to work for a living with the Mets, Braves, Cards, and now Dodgers? 15 seasons: 1 Division champ., 5 seasons over .500, a career .470 winning %...........and that's it.


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