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    Lance goes for #6-Wearing a Rams jersey?

    I am sure the mods will move this post into the general sports area, but i wanted to ask if anyone had heard that lance armstrong has decided to ride in a Marshall Faulk jersey rather than the traditional leaders yellow jersey.

    Amstrong may well be the most incredibly conditioned human being on the planet. I would love to hear if anyone on the board has ever seen the race live, especially one of the mountain climbs in the Pyrrenees (sp?). From what it looks like on tv, you would really have to be in decent shape to walk up one of those mountains, forget about riding up on a bike!

    I hope he wins another one. Even if he doesnt wear the faulk jersey into paris, i am confident he will cross the finish line screaming Go Rams Go!!!! Now if he would only put in a plug to Sign the Big Man in the post race news conference....

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: Lance goes for #6-Wearing a Rams jersey?

    GC, doubful, but that would be soooo sweet to see Lance Armstrong sporting a Faulk jersey in the Tour!

    IMO, Lance Armstrong is not only the most incredibly conditioned human on the planet, he should be considered one of the greatest athletes on the planet, period. What he has done is nothing short of miraculous. And the legend continues.......6?

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    general counsel Guest

    Re: Lance goes for #6-Wearing a Rams jersey?

    I like his chances. He is The Man in the peloton. Until someone can beat him mentally, as well as physically, he will remain the champ. Also, sheryll crow provides the needed nightime incentive. Lance's mental toughness is not to be believed.

    of course, leaving the wife and three little kids, who knows how that happened....

    general counsel

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    Re: Lance goes for #6-Wearing a Rams jersey?

    Well, he sorta got "caught" by his first wife......IF you know what I mean.

    As he lives here in Austin, going for #6 is huge in this town. Hope he makes it.

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    general counsel Guest

    Re: Lance goes for #6-Wearing a Rams jersey?

    Upon hearing the rumour about Faulk possibly missing the season, Lance actually fell off his bike early in the stage today, but recovered with only minor dings to finish strong and stay out of the big crash at the end of the race.

    He was heard screaming by the crowd "Vive le Marshall"

    ramming speed to all

    sign the big man

    long live marshall, marshall, marshall

    general counsel

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