GORDON STRACHAN has told supporters that the chance to sign Roy Keane was too good an opportunity to miss out on. The Celtic manager expressed his delight at the signing of the former Manchester United midfielder and said that Keane’s qualities are “self-explanatory".
Strachan said: “He’s a competitor and you can’t have enough good competitors in your squad. It was too good a chance to miss out on one of the world’s best competitors. I’ve always enjoyed having competitors alongside me when I played and I certainly enjoy having them as a manager.
“I’ve got good competition in the striking area, good competition in the defensive area and now I’ve got good competition in the central midfield area. Roy can play in many positions – good players can play in many positions – and that’s what we’ve added to the team – quality, a winning mentality.
“But if you think we’ve got a bunch of shrinking violets in our team – then just tell the likes of Sutton, Thompson, Lennon. They’re as aggressive as anyone I’ve ever seen in training. They’re demanding, but to add to that is fantastic.
"Everybody delighted he’s here. Do you think I’d be upset having him here with Lennon and Petrov in the middle of the park alongside McGeady, Nakamura, Thompson? It’s great to have all these players and I’m a very lucky man.
“I’ve always found, as a player, that there’s nothing better than having good players around you and more so as a manager. You look at any good manager and he’s backed up by right good players and that’s what I’ve given this club.”