Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has ruled out ever signing David Beckham or any of Real Madrid's other "Galacticos".
Beckham reportedly told Chelsea last summer he wanted to join them at the end of this season.

But Mourinho said: "All you need is a strong group of players - you don't need a Hollywood star.

"What the devil is a Galactico anyway? The image comes from the social lives, and fame the players have achieved. It is those Galacticos that I distrust."

Mourinho, speaking in the News of the World, added: "My doubt about them does not concern their ability but what surrounds them and makes their performances inconsistent."

The Chelsea manager has made it clear he favours youngsters who crave success rather than big-name players known for their ostentatious displays of wealth.

Beckham has made headlines on the front pages as often as the back ones and, at the age of 29, he does not fit that profile.

Mourinho's transfer policy, which has been backed by club owner Roman Abramovich, served him well at Porto, where he won the Champions League last season.

The Blues boss - whose team are 11 points clear at the top of the Premiership - added: "I prefer players like Paulo Ferreira and Didier Drogba.

"I have an expensive car, but I don't make a collection. I don't have a taste for having 10 cars."