hello there, id like to take this oppitunity to say, as a long time rams fan how much i enjoy the clanram website.many of the posts are very inforitive and helpfull. and the people i have come across are realy genuine.(just a fun and laid back way to catch up with news/views and like minded souls.) for my part id like to introduce sports fans.hopefully provide ex-pats and outcasts alike with some imformation and gossip from the toon (newcastle).
i suppose i should say now that one or two things will have abearing on the standard and quality of the articles ; 1- im not good with the computer (takes ages to print anything.
2-mild dyslexia (please excuse the spelling)
3-the amount if time im allowed on the computer (by the missus)
4-my views will tend to be a little one sided (toon daft)
(also for your information : newcastle will be refered to as the " toon". sunderland are maccums."we love them .not !!!)
and just telling you beer plays a big part of matchday for most geordies .lots of beer !!!

Newcastle United Football Club
St.James' Park.
Newcastle Upon Tyne.
Ne1 4st .


record home attendance-68,386.v-chelsea (3rd sept 1930)

record average attendance-59,229.season 1947-48.

nickname - magpies (home shirts -black and white stripes)

official club website-nufc.co.uk

recomended (unofficial) website-nufc.com

thats all for now back soon (hopefully with fixture and squad news )