Squad line-up 2006/07 (continued).

Name;Craig Moore.
Born; Canterbury.Australia.
D.O.B. 12/12/1975
Hieght; 6'1''(185cm).
Wieght; 12st.(76.27kg).
Former clubs; Crystal palace,Rangers.
Pos; defender (No 18).

Name; Titus Bramble.
Born; Ipswich.England.
D.O.B. 21/07/1981.
Hieght; 6'1''(185cm).
Wieght; 13st 10lbs (87.16kg)
Former clubs; Ipswich,Colchester Utd.(loan).
Pos; Defender (No19).

Name; Albert Luque.
Born; Barcelona.Spain.
D.O.B. 11/03/1978.
Hieght; 6'(183cm).
Wieght; 12st.8lbs.(80kg).
Pos; Striker (No 20).

Name; Lee Clarke.
Born; Wallsend.Newcastle.
D.O.B. 27/10/1972.
Hieght; 5'8''(173cm).
Wieght; 11st.7lbs(73.09kg).
Former clubs; Maccums,Fulham.
Pos; Midfielder,coach(No21).

Name; Nicky Butt.
Born; Manchester,England.
D.O.B. 21/01/1975.
Hieght; 5'10''(178cm).
Wieght; 11st.3lbs.(71.28kg).
Former clubs; Birmingham City(loan),Manchester Utd.
Pos; Midfielder (No22).

Name; Shola Ameobi.
Born; Zaria.Nigeria.(England).
D.O.B. 12/10/1981.
Hieght; 6'2''(188cm).
Wieght; 12st.(76.27kg).
Pos; Striker (No 23).

Name; Peter Ramage.
Born; Ashington.Northumberland.
D.O.B. 22/11/1983.
Hieght; 6'1''(185cm).
Wieght; 12st.(76kg).
Pos; Defender (N0 26).

Name; Steven Taylor.
Born; Greenwich.England.
D.O.B. 23/01/1986.
Hieght; 6'2''(188cm).
Wieght; 12st.11lbs.(81kg).
Former clubs; Wycombe,Wycombe(loan).
Pos; Midfielder (No 27).

Name; Celestine Babayaro.
Born; Kaduna. Nigeria.
D.O.B. 29/08/1978.
Hieght; 5'9''(175cm).
Wieght; 10st.12lbs.(69kg).
Former clubs; Chelsea.
Pos; Defender (No 33).

Name; Matty Patinson.
Born; Johannesburg R.S.A.
D.O.B. 27/10/1986.
Wieght; 12st.4lbs.(78kg).
Pos; Midfielder (No 35).

Name; Kris Gate.
Born; Newcastle.England.
D.O.B. 01/01/1985.
Hieght; 5'7''(170cm).
Wieght; 10st.3lbs.(65kg).
Pos; Defender.(No 36).

Name; Alan O'Brien.
Born; Dublin.R.O.I.
D.O.B. 20/02/1985.
Hieght; 5'10''(178cm).
Wieght; 11st.3lbs.(71.28kg).
Former clubs; Carlisle Utd.(loan).
Pos; Midfielder (No 37).

Name; Paul Huntington.
Born; Carlisle.England.
D.O.B. 17/09/1987.
Hieght; 6'3''(191cm).
Wieght; 12st.8lbs(80kg).
Pos; Defender. (No 54).

Although this is a current squad list,reports in last nights paper sugested that, Amdy Faye is on his way to Charlton Athletic.(reported 2.5 million).
And the coaching staff are still working non-stop,trying to improve fire power to the front line by possible new signings.(before the transfer window closes) ...
Watch this space. joe