Geordie Ram, What do you reckon then?

Newcastle boss Graeme Souness wants captain Alan Shearer to postpone his retirement for another a season.
The 35-year-old is scheduled to quit in the summer, but Souness believes he is fit enough to play one more year.

Souness said: "It would have to come from him, but if he's still playing like he has recently, he has an enormous part to play.

"He's a footballer who's enjoying his job and it's like any job - if you're enjoying it then why stop?"

Alan Shearer's fitness means he is really enjoying it

Shearer was forced to undergo hernia surgery earlier this season, and Souness said: "Only he knows how much his hernia was holding him back, but since his operation last month he seems to have found another yard."

Shearer is one goal away from Jackie Milburn's mark of 200 goals for Newcastle and has forged a successful partnership with Michael Owen this season.

"We'll see what happens over the next six months, but I certainly wouldn't close any doors," said Souness.

"I said last year that I do not see a player on the training ground who is ready to pack in and there's nothing that's happened since which suggests that has changed."

Souness believes his improved fitness means he could tempt Shearer into playing another season.

He said: "Coupled with the fact that he is now playing with Michael Owen, his fitness means he is really enjoying it. They have an understanding which obviously goes back to when they played for England."


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